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Cha Cha Changes…

It’s interesting when you come to a space in your life when all you can consider is a change.  Not a small change like a new hair cut or a new pair of shoes, but a big change, like a new job/career.  How is one to go about this change?  Are you to do job search after job search, re-vamp your resume, seek help from friends for job opportunities?  And why does it become the omnipresent focus?  Nothing else matters as long as you can manifest this change.  You believe that if this change occurs your financial matters will become more positive, for stress level will decrease, your mental health will improve, your relationships with friends and family will drastically improve.  You will have more time for those hobbies you put off because of all the travel and weekend events you do for the current position you’re in takes up too much of your down time.  I keep say “you” when I really mean, I!  Is it OK to really think this will all happen and believe in it?  Will believing in it help make it happen?  What exactly do I want to do in my new career?  I know I am not a ladder climber, or a sales man, at least when it’s something I don’t believe in.  I sell all the time, and am good at it, but I must believe in it.  I completely enjoy helping others help themselves.  I enjoy improving the quality of other peoples lives.  I’m really good at listening to other people and their needs, I can relate and understand how to help them realize their goals.  But how does this translate into a career.  I don’t like coming home and stressing out that things are not being taken care of at work.  I don’t like knowing that we are not doing the best we could be doing for the people we are working for because we are unorganized.  I don’t like knowing that I do not have the opportunity to move forward and make the changes with in the organization to improve these inadequacies.  I realize that these are complaints others all over the world have about positions they’re in and is why people move from one position to the next.  How is the question?  I will find the answer.  I will find the right position for me.  I will improve my life when the position I choose to do for work improves.  I will be appreciated at work.  I will improve my financial situation.  I will have a healthier life style because of it.  In the meantime…I will be grateful for the love from everyone in my life.  I will remain positive about all that I have which is far more than I need and more than most have.  I will try and not bring home the stress of the current situation I remain in as I can not change this instantly.  I will be patient.  Nothing worth having is easy and if it is, you shouldn’t accept it, it’s a scam 🙂  That is what my Ma has taught me.  She is always right.

Because this picture reminds me of the beauty out there in nature and that is what it is all about…Work to Live!  (not the other way around)

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